Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 7 (43-49 Days)

Your 7 week pregnant pup is just around the corner from giving birth.

Their body will be undergoing quite a few changes at this point, as they must prepare for the whelping process that is soon to come.

It’s more important than ever to be aware of your dog’s pregnancy symptoms, as this will allow you to care for them properly in the days leading up to their birth.

To help you better understand your pregnant dog, let’s discuss the most common pregnancy symptoms in dogs that are 7 weeks along (43-49 days).

Week 7 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will My Dog Have A Big Belly At 7 Weeks Along?

By the time your pup has reached week 7 in their pregnancy, their growing belly will be obvious to everyone around them.

While you may detect your dog’s pregnancy at week 5 or 6 due to how well you know them, even those who don’t know their pup will be able to identify their pregnant stomach.

It’s safe to say that your pup will have a distended belly at this point in their gestation.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 7 (Days 43-49)

With being so close to giving birth, there will be quite a few notable changes in your dog’s appearance and behavior.

A dog that is 7 weeks pregnant will typically have gained a noticeable amount of weight, and their abdomen will be obviously distended.

You may even see their puppies move around in their stomach based on how many puppies they are having.

Some pups will also begin to shed hair on their stomach at week 7 of gestation.

This hair loss will typically be around their mammary glands, and will often reveal their growing mammary tissue.

Not only will both their mammary glands and nipples be enlarged at this point, but the veins that run throughout their mammary glands will be more noticeable as well.

Due to how much the mammary glands will swell at this point, you may also see their first milk.

This typically appears as a milky white or cloudy discharge coming from their nipples, and this may happen occasionally throughout the day.

Behavioral Changes In A 7 Week Pregnant Dog

As we mentioned above, the puppies are basically fully developed by week 7 in their pregnancy.

Due to this, your pregnant dog will likely be even more exhausted than ever.

It’s not abnormal for these pups to sleep multiple times throughout the day, so you should not be alarmed by your dog’s constant need to rest.

This point in their pregnancy requires quite a bit of energy, so you should allow them to rest as much as possible.

Similar to week 6 in their gestation, your dog may not have a ravenous appetite like they did in the early stages of their pregnancy.

They will typically prefer to graze on small meals throughout the day, as their growing puppies make it hard to eat a large amount of food at a time.

While they may not be incredibly hungry, they will still drink quite a bit of water.

Because of this, you will need to offer them plenty of opportunities to go outside throughout the day.

Can You See Puppies On Ultrasound At Week 7?

Growing puppies can be viewed on ultrasound at week 4 of a dog’s pregnancy, so you can certainly see them on ultrasound at week 7.

The puppies will be easy for your vet to find when scanning their stomach, and they will be able to confirm the heartbeats of each pup.

Though it is possible to get a puppy count from an ultrasound, it is most accurate on x-ray.

Should I X-Ray My Pregnant Dog At Week 7?

The puppies in your dog’s uterus can finally be viewed on x-ray by week 6.

The bones in the growing puppies should have begun to mineralize within the last 7-10 days, so you should be able to visualize both the skull and the spine of each puppy.

This will allow your vet to get an accurate puppy count, which is essential for dog owners that want to monitor their dog’s delivery process.

Not only is an x-ray recommended to get an accurate puppy count, but it can also help your vet determine if your dog will have any complications giving birth.

Your veterinarian can compare the size of each puppy’s head to the size of their pelvic canal, and better predict whether or not your dog may need a C-section.

If your vet anticipates any complications due to their size, you can be better prepared on what to look for during their birthing process.

What Should I Feed My 7 Week Pregnant Dog?

Most veterinarians will recommend switching your pregnant dog to a puppy diet at week 6 of their gestation.

This will allow them to keep up with the nutritional requirements needed to grow puppies, as well as what is needed to nurse them when they are born.

Puppy food is packed with calories and beneficial nutrients that can offer your pregnant dog the boost they need, so you will want them to be consuming a puppy diet by 7 weeks at the latest.

Not only should they be eating an approved puppy diet by week 7 of their gestation, but you should also break their daily feeding amount into multiple meals throughout the day.

The puppies take up quite a bit of room in their abdomen, so it will be uncomfortable for your pregnant pup to consume large amounts at a time.

Because of this, small and frequent meals are best.

Setting Up A Whelping Space For Your Dog

Your furry friend will still have about 2 weeks left of their pregnancy at week 7, but it is still best to set up a whelping space at this point.

This can allow them to become comfortable with the space you created, as well as alleviate any anxiety that comes along with trying to create their own den.

If your dog is comfortable with the whelping space you set up, they will typically begin to rest in this area.

A standard whelping space should be in a quiet part of your home that is away from other animals.

It should not be elevated due to the potential for puppies to injure themselves, so on a bed or near stairs is not ideal.

Once you have found the best spot in your home, you can begin to fill it with cozy blankets.

Once your dog’s due date gets closer, you can add some potty pads to the area to prevent any damage to the flooring underneath.

If you do not want to create your own whelping space, you can always purchase a whelping box online.

There are an array of styles on multiple websites, so you can typically find something that fits your needs.

To be sure that your whelping box arrives on time, you will want to order it sooner than later.

Final Thoughts On Week 7 Of Your Dog’s Pregnancy

By week 7 of your dog’s pregnancy you should have them switched to a puppy diet, a scheduled x-ray for an accurate puppy count, as well as beginning to think about their whelping space.

An x-ray is not required, but can be helpful in determining if there could be complications which can lead to an emergency.

The birth of their puppies is just around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing.

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