Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 5

Dog owners are often aware of their dog’s pregnancy by week 5 (29-35 days).

Their pregnant stomach is often growing by this point, and you have likely noticed a few changes in behavior.

Even if you already know that your dog is pregnant, you will want to be aware of the potential symptoms you may see as the weeks go on.

To help you better understand your pup, let’s discuss the most common dog pregnancy symptoms during week 5.

Week 5 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will My Dog Look Pregnant At Week 5?

Every dog will vary, but many owners will notice their dog’s growing stomach by week 5 of their pregnancy.

The puppies are beginning to grow at a rapid rate during this period, so many canine waists will begin to grow.

You may also notice a change in nipple appearance, as the nipples typically start increasing in size the week before.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 5 (Days 29-35)

Once week 5 rolls around in your dog’s pregnancy, you will begin to see obvious changes in your dog’s appearance.

Their belly will appear more round, their nipples will be slightly enlarged, and you may even see occasional clear vaginal discharge.

In addition to the physical changes your pup will undergo, they may also experience increased thirst, increased urination, and changes in her eating habits.

She may prefer to graze on multiple meals throughout the day, but she will likely have a higher appetite than usual.

Pregnant Dog Behavioral Changes Starting At Week 5

Not only will your pregnant pup display noticeable physical changes at this time, but you will also notice behavioral changes as well.

A 5 week pregnant dog will often be more sleepy than usual, have an increased appetite, and they may still experience nausea from time to time.

These pups are also known to drink more water, so they may request for more potty breaks than they typically would before.

How To Know If My Dog Is Pregnant At Week 5

Once your pregnant pup reaches 5 weeks in gestation, there are a few reliable ways to diagnose their pregnancy.

Let’s break these options down below.


Once your pregnant dog reaches week 5 in their pregnancy, many can feel the growing puppies in the uterus when palpating the abdomen.

Though this is not a good way to count the number of puppies or determine whether or not they are alive, this method can confirm a pregnancy.


The best way to determine whether or not your dog is pregnant at 5 weeks along is through ultrasound.

This can not only confirm the presence of puppies in your dog’s uterus, but it can also detect their heartbeats.

Hormone Testing

Hormone testing can be performed in dogs once they have reached 27 to 30 days of gestation.

Your vet can send off a blood sample to test for the presence of the relaxin hormone, which is only present when a dog is at least 3-4 weeks along.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant Past The 5 Week Mark?

If your pup is in week 5 of their pregnancy, you may wonder how much longer you have to prepare for the income of puppies.

At this point your dog will have about one more month left in their gestation, as most dogs are pregnant for 58-68 days (about 9 weeks).

Though there is a 10 day range, most dogs give birth closer to the 62 day mark.

Caring For a Pregnant Dog That Is 5 Weeks Along

At this point in your dog’s pregnancy, their puppies are growing at a rapid rate.

Your pup will be increasingly hungry and tired as a result of how much energy is put into this process, so adequate nutrition is essential.

Most vets will recommend switching your pregnant dog to a puppy diet at 5-6 weeks of gestation to keep up with their nutrition needs.

Even if you wait one more week to switch to a puppy formula, you should still be increasing their standard feeding amounts.

½ to 1 cup of additional food each day should be enough for most pups, as well as spreading out their food to multiple meals throughout the day.

Final Thoughts On Week 5 Of Your Dog’s Pregnancy

Week 5 of your dog’s pregnancy closes out their second trimester and leads into the third.

Big things will be happening at the 6 week mark, so it’s important to establish a veterinary relationship if you have not already.

If you need help with figuring out when your pregnant dog will deliver, we have created this dog pregnancy calculator to help you determine the date ranges for delivery.

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