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Are you looking for an emergency vet in your area? First search by your state and then by your city location. Each state page will have many of the top populated cities in the state. If the population of your city is less than 50,000 people you may want to find the next biggest city near you. Many small cities may have limited resources when dealing with an emergency and will usually refer you to the next biggest location where an animal hospital may be staffed 24/7/365. Before going to any ER vet be sure you call ahead of time. Even some of the bigger hospitals will want you to give them a heads up before arriving so that they can be ready for your arrival. Depending on the severity of your emergency, they may need to call in additional support.

Many animal hospitals staff on call specialist, so be sure to always call ahead and let them know what type of emergency you have. This will give you the best help your pet will need.