Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Guidelines

The purpose of Emergency Vets USA is to provide you with a fast way of getting help for your sick or injured pet.

Without a standard 911 phone system, what do you do when your pet has an emergency?

Emergency Vets USA was created to help provide a fast way of finding help in a city near you.

We also want to lay out our Editorial Guidelines for the content that you read on our website, as well as who is writing this content that you are reading.

Information You Can Trust

All of the informational articles you read on our blog are written by industry experts – veterinarians/vet techs who have actual real world experience. They have gone to school and received a degree in the field of their study.

Our experts are:

Amber LaRock – Currently practicing in Thailand and volunteering at local rescues.

Leslie Brooks

Our writers have years of experience in their respective fields. You can read more about us on our About page.

Additional information, statistics are carefully cited from reliable publications. These will always include nationally recognized veterinarian references from places like, PetMD, VCA Hospitals, and others.

Vetting Our Partners

In addition to providing accurate information on our Pet Blog, the primary service of Emergency Vets USA is to help connect people in need of emergency vet care with our dedicated vet partners through the use of our online directory.

How Do We  Choose Our Partners?

  • The veterinary office must offer emergency services
  • Must be open during normal business hours

There are many general veterinary practices that do not take emergency cases. Most of these smaller vet clinics will refer you to a larger clinic or an animal hospital that specializes in emergency care.

Most major metropolitan locations have at least one full time 24/7 emergency vet clinic. You may have to drive a further distance to get to them, whether that be a few miles to a few hours away.

Our Mission

Since 2018, our mission has been to help people find an emergency vet in a city or town near them.

The information on our website has and always will be written by industry experts or by those who have an actual degree and are qualified to write about the topics they are writing on.