Tampons For Dogs – Can You Use A Tampon For Your Dog?

If you have a female dog that is currently in heat, you may be wondering how you can protect your home from any potential mess. We know that humans have tampons and pads to turn to when they are menstruating, but what about dogs?

Do they make tampons for dogs, and if not, can you use human tampons for a dog?

We want you to be as prepared as possible for your dog’s next heat cycle, so let’s introduce you to the acceptable options to use when your dog is in heat below.

Are There Tampons For Dogs
Are There Tampons For Dogs

Do Female Dogs Get Periods?

If your dog has not been spayed, they will certainly go into heat at some point. They don’t experience monthly periods like people do, but their bodies do enter a 4-staged cycle that will lead to eventual bleeding.

These stages consist of Proestrus, Estrus, Diestus, and Anestrus, and bleeding typically occurs during the Proestrus and Estrus stages.

Most dogs will go into heat about twice per year, so you can typically expect up to 20 days of light bleeding every 5-7 months.

When Do Female Dogs Start Their Heat Cycle?

When answering the question of when most dogs go into heat, it’s important to realize that the general timeline will vary depending on your dog’s size.

Small dogs tend to go into heat around 6 months of age, where large breed dogs have been known to start their first heat cycle as late as 10 months of age. As long as you are prepared for your dog’s heat cycle by the time they reach 6 months of age, you can typically expect it to begin soon.

How Much Do Dogs Bleed When They Are In Heat?

If you have a female dog that will go into heat soon, you may be wondering what you should expect in terms of bleeding amounts.

While this will of course vary from dog to dog, most dogs only experience a small amount of bleeding or red tinged discharge. Heavy bleeding is not normal for dogs in heat, and the most you should expect is a few drops of fresh blood each day throughout their menstruation.

Just like in humans, every dog will vary when it comes to the details of their heat cycle. If you ever think your dog is experiencing a heavier blood flow than you would expect, we always suggest reaching out to your vet to determine whether or not you should be concerned.

Is There Such A Thing As Dog Tampons?

Humans have a variety of menstruation products to turn to, so you may wonder if dogs have this option as well.

While there are options that keep your dog’s heat cycle mess free, there is no such thing as a tampon for dogs.

Tampons for dogs would not be effective for a variety of reasons, ranging from the dog removing the tampon to it being too difficult to place. It makes sense why pet parents would search for this option, but unfortunately it’s just not effective for female dogs in heat.

Can You Use Human Tampons For Dogs?

Since there is not a tampon made for dogs on the market, some pet parents wonder if they can just use human tampons for their dog.

While again, we understand why it seems like an effective method for a pup that is in heat, it is neither a safe or effective option for our canine friends. We always advice against using tampons for dogs when they are in heat, but let’s break down a few of the common dangers of doing so below.

Why You Should Not Use A Tampon For Your Dog In Heat

We want to make sure that your pup stays safe throughout their heat cycle, so let’s break down the reasons why you should never use human tampons for dogs below.

Possibility For Aggression

If your dog is in heat, there is always a risk of aggression when you are getting anywhere near their vulva. While there is a period in which the female dog will accept the male during their heat cycle, this only happens when they are in the Estrus stage of their cycle.

Most dogs will be bleeding for up to 10 days before they even enter this stage, and they are not interested in having anyone in their space during this time. Because of this, you risk getting bit if you attempt to place a tampon in your dog.

Pain And Discomfort

Tampons are not made for dogs, so this means they are not made with a dog’s comfort in mind. Not only can this be an extremely uncomfortable experience for your dog, but it can even cause pain and irritation around their vulva.

It’s also important to keep in mind that dogs do not often bleed enough to saturate a tampon, which would make it even more uncomfortable when inserted or removed.

Dogs Eat Tampons

The most important risk to be aware of is the fact that if the tampon falls out and your dog happens to consume it, this can lead to a life-threatening complication.

Dogs eat tampons all the time, whether they are eating a unused tampon in the box or used tampons in the trash can. These tampons can cause an intestinal blockage in the digestive system as they try to pass, and they often require an emergency surgery to save the dog’s life.

For this reason, we never suggest having a tampon anywhere near your dog. If you think your dog ate a tampon recently, we suggest reaching out to your veterinarian immediately.

Can You Use Human Pads For Dogs?

You can use a human maxi pad for dogs, but only if it is placed inside of a dog diaper as extra protection.

You should not adhere the sticky portion of the pad onto your dog’s body for any reason, as this can lead to localized skin irritation and discomfort. There are better options for our canine friends in heat, so let’s break them down below.

How Can Pet Owners Prevent Messes When Their Dog Is In Heat?

If you are worried about your dog’s discharge making a mess around your home when they are in heat, there are a couple solutions available to you.

There are many brands of special menstrual diapers for dogs, each of which range in size to fit every type of canine friend. These dog diapers help to soak up any bloody discharge they shed throughout the day, but you will need to take their diaper off each time they go outside to pee.

Though most of these dog menstrual diapers will offer plenty of protection, you can insert a human maxi pad inside of the diaper for extra support. Just be sure that you are not buying any scented or cooling pads if you go this route, as these pads can lead to serious skin irritation for your pup.

The next option for preventing any heat related messes around your home is to get your dog spayed.

This is the most effective way to prevent any blood or discharge around your home, as your dog will never go through another heat cycle again. If you are interested in getting your dog spayed, we suggest reaching out to your vet for more information and the best time to schedule their procedure.

Final Thoughts On Tampons For Dogs

There are no tampons that have been made for dogs, but there are plenty of canine diaper options that will absorb any discharge.

We suggest looking for a dog menstrual diaper that fits your canine friend, or reaching out to your vet about scheduling their procedure to be spayed.

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