Emergency Veterinarians New York

A study done in 2012 on pet owners in New York City showed there to be 1.1 Million dogs and cats in the city. 600,000 of those are dogs and 500,000 cats. Keep in mind this is just for New York City. This trend shows that dogs are more popular than cats and along with that, the average household will spend about $1,300 on their pet per year. This cost includes everything to care for the pet, including licensing fees.

Did you know most states require you to have a license on both dogs and cats? In NYC the cost for a dog is approximately $8.50/year for spayed or neutered and $34 for those not spayed or neutered.

People love their animals, they are apart of their families. While people tend to fill their lives with their pets, they sometimes forget that unexpected emergencies can happen. An emergency can happen at any time and anywhere. Being in the city may pose additional risks to a dog or cat, such as being hit by a car or from fighting with other animals. With 1.1 Million dogs and cats in New York City, space may feel limited to these animals.

If an emergency does happen then knowing who to turn to at a moments notice could be what saves your pet. Not all general veterinarians can deal with emergencies and in fact many will refer you to a local animal hospital. All pet owners should know exactly where these animal hospitals are in relation to where they live. Just like we know where urgent care clinics or local ERs are located we need to know where to bring our pet in case of emergency.

Scan our list of the top cities located in New York, find the one closest to you for a directory of who you can count on if you ever need an ER Vet – then write their contact information down and post it on your refrigerator and save it in your phone’s contact list.

Our most popular New York cities include:

The cities above are the most popular locations for people searching for an emergency vet. If you don’t see your city listed above please check out our list below and find the location nearest you. Some small cities and towns in New York don’t have the capacity to take in emergencies and usually will refer you to the next ‘bigger’ city.

State of New York Emergency Veterinarians by City