Emergency Veterinarians Maryland

When a pet emergency happens who do you call and what do you do? In Maryland there are many 24-hour animal hospitals that are open and ready to accept your sick or injured pet. Depending on where you live you may need to look at the nearest largest city to find quality care. We have researched some of the top animal hospitals who are ready for all types of emergencies and have listed then in each city location.

Along with the emergency vets in Maryland, we have provided their phone number, address, website and most importantly, driving directions. If you click the ‘Driving Directions’ link, it will open up a map that will give you direct directions to that specific animal hospital. Its best to search these listings on your phone so that the directions are ready for you to leave.

Our most popular Maryland cities include:

The state of Maryland has a population of 6.11 million as of 2019. In 2013 a survey was done to find out the pet ownership across all 50 US states. Maryland was found to rank number 44th for pet ownership. A report by the American Veterinary Medical Association estimated that 52.3% of the population owns at least one pet. Dog ownership in Maryland was in the bottom 10 states at 30.8% claiming ownership of a dog.

These numbers show how popular pets are in Maryland and while Maryland is ranked in the bottom 10 of all states, having adequate pet care is still important. In May 2018 there was an estimated 1,680 veterinarians employed in Maryland.

For those seeking an emergency veterinarian you may have to look further and find the nearest large city to your location.