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Emergency Vets in Portland, OR

Are you looking for an emergency veterinarian in Portland Oregon? Emergencies can happen at all times of the day.

Our pets can get sick or hurt to the point that our regular veterinarian cannot care for them. In some cases you will need to find an emergency vet or animal hospital near you.

Disclaimer – Before showing up to an emergency vet or animal hospital, you must call them. Many emergency vets require appointments or at minimum a notice that you are coming in with a sick or injured pet. Please note that some of the vet clinics listed may no longer accept emergencies. If that is the case please contact the next listing or nearest location to you.

If you do not know of an ER Vet near you, your local veterinarian can help guide you. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, then time is of the essence.

You need to get them seen as quickly as possible. For that reason we have listed contact details, including directions to your closest emergency vet or animal hospital.

Cascade Veterinary Referral Center

Number: 503-684-1800

Address: 11140 SW 68th Pkwy, Portland, OR 97223

Website: cascadeveterinaryreferral.com

Description: Cascade Veterinary is a locally owned, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital staffed by a highly-skilled team of veterinarians, technicians and client care coordinators. We are committed to providing high-quality care for you and your pet. Cascade Veterinary’s 9600 sq. ft. facility is equipped with on-site CT, digital radiology, ultrasound and a range of endoscopic equipment. Cascade Veterinary also has convenient access to MRI.

  • Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 6:00pm

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Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital

Number: 503-506-2900

Address:1127 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232

Website: heartfeltvet.com

Description: Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital Opened doors in 2014 as a one doctor 7 team member practice striving to provide the highest quality medicine while promising to: Care for pets with every ounce of our hearts, experience, skill and imagination. Treat each and every pet as the unique individual they are. With the tailored care that’s best for them. Always involve our pet parents in all aspects of the care of their beloved four-legged family members. To explain, advise, listen and comfort. Since 2014 we have welcomed, Dr. Rebecca Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Carter to our team of Associate Veterinarians and grown to employ over 15 team members. Each member of our team will always treat your pets as you would, as if they were their own. That is our Mission and our simple, guiding truth. It is the reason for Heartfelt.

  • Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital

Number: 503-255-8139

Address: 13830 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233

Website: vcahospitals.com

Description: VCA SE Portland Animal Hospital’s experienced and professional staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide excellent health care for your dog and cat family members. We also provide wellness and urgent and emergency care.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Sunday: 24 hours

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Should You Go To An Emergency Veterinarian In Portland Oregon?

If you do not know if your pet is injured or sick enough to see an emergency vet, you can always give your regular veterinary a quick call. They are best equipped to give you advice on where you need to go.

Some local vet practices have on-call staff for emergency care, while other vet clinics might refer you to another animal hospital in the area.

Keep in mind that emergency vets or animal hospitals might be located in a nearby city. Not all locations have emergency care readily available. For that reason be prepared to drive a distance to get the help your pet might need.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, time is of the essence. If your local veterinarian is not open, then your best option is to find the closest Emergency Vet Clinic or Animal Hospital near Portland.

In all cases, you will want to give that clinic a call to let them know the situation of your pet and why you are bringing them in. They can help triage your pet over the phone to determine how urgent your pet needs to be seen.

Some emergency vets will still have a wait, kind of like a walk-in urgent care clinic. They will always take the most urgent or sickest pets first so be prepared to possibly wait when you arrive.

Here are some common signs of a pet emergency:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Severe injury, broken bone, broken knee
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Limping or indication of pain, which could mean broken bones
  • Trauma, hit by vehicle
  • Inability to urinate, could be a sign of a blockage which is an emergency
  • Severe seizures
  • Severe vomiting

Keep in mind that our pets sometimes hide their pain until it’s unbearable for them. They could have been injured days ago by something you know nothing about.

If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms above then its best to contact an emergency vet in Portland OR right away.

What To Expect At A Portland Emergency Animal Hospital

When you arrive at the emergency vet clinic in Portland, a specialist will conduct a full physical examination of your pet. This may include their breathing rate, heart rate, temperature as well as bloodwork, and a physical exam if they are injured.

Additionally they will evaluate your pet’s gum color, mental state, their ability to walk (if uninjured), skin, abdomen and possibly a chest evaluation.

If your pet is injured then expect X-rays to be done as well as further evaluations of possible broken bones, cracked ribs and signs of pain or bleeding.

If your pet comes to an emergency vet because they are sick or maybe ate something they should not have, then expect bloodwork and urine and fecal samples to be taken.

Your veterinarian will need to know details of what happened, what they ate, when they ate it so that they can properly care for your pet. The more details you can provide the faster your emergency vet can provide the care your pet needs.

What Does An Emergency Vet Visit In Portland Cost?

The cost of an emergency vet in Portland will depend on the type of treatment your pet needs. For example, an overnight stay at an animal hospital can really run up your bill.

The average treatment on minor emergency care can be between $1,000 – $3,000 per visit. If you have a dog that blew out its knee, the cost of surgery alone can run as high as $5,000.

A blocked cat can be between $3,000 – $7,000 for surgery and after care.

The cost of your vet visit will depend on the reason for your visit and the length of that visit. If you have a dog for example that was hit by a car, your emergency veterinarian will most likely have them stay a few days and nights to be monitored. The constant care to save their life is what causes the price to increase.

For more severe problems, additional specialist may be needed or called in from other emergency vets near Portland.

Diagnostics, x-rays, IV fluids, medications and monitoring equipment, all add to the cost of caring for your pet while they are at an animal hospital.

Some pet insurance will cover the cost of an emergency vet visit, but for those without pet insurance there are other payment options available.

You will want to speak to your vet about what options you have, because most will require full payment before you are able to leave.

If you cannot qualify for a payment option, then your only other option is to pay up front. For that reason many pet owners put money aside for “in-case-of-emergency” situations and they save what they can, kind of like a regular health savings account.