Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 4

If you have a pregnant dog in your home that is 4 weeks along, you may begin to notice subtle changes in their appearance and behavior.

While they may not have the noticeable pregnant belly you are looking for, there are other signs that you can be on the lookout for.

At this point in their gestation, you can also rely on a couple diagnostic tools to confirm their pregnancy.

Your dog’s pregnancy symptoms at week 4 (22-28 days) start to make things feel real.

You will start seeing visible signs of the pregnancy, as well as you are now halfway through until the new pups will be born.

To help you better understand your pregnant dog, let’s discuss the details of week 4 below.

Week 4 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will My Dog Look Pregnant At 4 Weeks Along?

So will your dog look visibly pregnant at 4 weeks gestation?

Though you may see a slight enlargement of their nipples and a few behavioral changes, you will not yet notice your dog’s growing stomach.

Significant weight gain does not begin until your dog reaches 5 weeks of gestation, so your pup may not be noticeably pregnant just yet.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms At 4 Weeks (Days 22-28)

If you have a dog that is 4 weeks pregnant, you will typically begin to notice more pregnancy symptoms.

At 4 weeks of gestation most dogs will experience a slight enlargement of the nipples, a small amount of clear vaginal discharge, and occasional nausea and vomiting.

Many pups will also appear more tired than usual, so you may see them taking more naps throughout the day.

Though some pups will experience mild nausea, their appetite will still begin to increase significantly.

Adequate nutrition is essential during this period, so we always suggest increasing their feeding amounts slightly and splitting their servings into multiple meals throughout the day.

Behavioral Changes In A 4 Week Pregnant Dog

As we mentioned above, you should begin to notice obvious behavioral changes once your dog reaches 4 weeks of pregnancy.

These pups will likely be more tired than usual, they will often eat more than they normally would, and they may even experience slight nausea that causes temporary lethargy.

Can You See Puppies On Ultrasound At Week 4?

Puppies can be seen on ultrasound once the dog has reached 4 weeks of gestation.

An ultrasound should allow your vet to visualize the sacs the growing puppies are in, as well as examine any heartbeats that are present.

This is not the most effective tool in counting puppies, but some vets can typically form an estimate of how many puppies to expect on birthing day.

For a more accurate puppy count, we suggest having x-rays performed at 6 weeks along.

Can You See Puppies On X-Ray at Week 4?

While you can see puppies on ultrasound at 4 weeks, you cannot see them on x-ray just yet.

Their bones will need to mineralize in order for them to be seen on radiographs, and this does not occur until the pregnancy is at least 6 weeks along.

Can I Hormone Test My Pregnant Dog At 4 Weeks Along?

Hormone testing in pregnant dogs is believed to be most effective once dogs reach 27-30 days of gestation, so a 4 week pregnant dog should be a good candidate for this.

However, due to the fact that you can typically see puppies on ultrasound at this point, an ultrasound is the preferred method of diagnosing.

Can My Vet Feel My Dog’s Puppies At 4 Weeks?

Once your dog reaches 4 weeks of gestation, your vet can typically palate the growing puppies on exam.

Puppies can reach the size of grapes or small tennis balls at this point, so as long as your pup does not have too much fat in their abdomen, your vet should be able to feel them.

Caring For A Pregnant Dog At 4 Weeks

Your pregnant dog’s puppies are beginning to grow at a rapid rate, so they will require adequate nutrition to keep up with these needs.

Some vets will not recommend switching to puppy food until your dog reaches 5-6 weeks of gestation, but this will always be a case by case decision.

Even if you do not switch your dog’s diet just yet, you should certainly increase their food intake to keep up with their growing appetite.

Most dogs do just fine with an increase of ½ to 1 cup of food each day, as well as breaking their food amounts into multiple meals throughout the day.

Your dog may also be increasingly tired at this point, so you should allow them to rest as often as they would like.

Be sure to offer them a cozy space to snooze throughout the day.

Final Thoughts On Dog Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4

Your dog may not have a noticeably pregnant stomach at this point, but their behavioral changes will likely be in full force.

Other visible pregnancy signs and symptoms will start to become more evident as the weeks go by.

Week 4 is a big week for your pregnant pup as they are nearing the halfway mark.

Be sure to allow them plenty of rest, increase their feeding amount slightly, and establish a relationship with a vet if you have not yet.

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