Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 3

By week 3 (15-21 days) in your dog’s pregnancy, things are finally starting to move along.

Your 3 week pregnant pup may begin to experience a few behavioral changes, so it’s important to be aware of these signs to best accommodate their needs.

To help you better understand your pregnant dog, let’s discuss the most common pregnancy symptoms in a 3 week pregnant dog.

Week 3 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will I Know If My Dog Is Pregnant At Week 3?

If you think you may have a pregnant pup in your home, you are likely sitting on the edge of your seat by week 3.

Many owners will want to have a concrete answer on whether or not their dog is pregnant, and hopefully, week 3 can offer you some clues.

Though you will not notice any obvious physical changes in your dog just yet, you certainly can detect changes in their daily behavior.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms By Week 3 (Days 15-21)

By week 3, the embryos in your dog’s uterine horns will start to grow.

Due to the energy requirements dogs have during this period, you may notice an increased appetite.

Your pup may be begging for treats more often, or they may even beg for more food even after they finish their meal.

In addition to an increased appetite, many dogs will experience decreased energy levels during this time.

Creating life is hard work, so many pups will appear more tired than usual.

Your dog may take more naps throughout the day, they may be slower to rise in the morning, and they may even spend most of the day lounging around.

Dog Pregnancy Week 3 Behavioral Changes

Just as we mentioned above, your dog will likely begin to experience subtle changes in behavior by week 3 of their pregnancy.

These pups might be more hungry than usual, they may be more tired than usual, and you may even notice slight lethargy.

Can You See Puppies On Ultrasound At Week 3?

Though it is possible to see growing puppies on ultrasound at 3 weeks, it is not certain.

Most vets will not suggest this diagnostic method until your pup is 4 weeks along, as pregnancy can be missed if you search too early.

Though you may see evidence of pregnancy at 3 weeks, we suggest waiting one more week to be certain.

Can You See Puppies On X-Ray At Week 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot see your dog’s growing puppies on x-ray at 3 weeks of pregnancy.

The bones of the puppies in utero will not be mineralized enough to capture until 45 days of gestation, so you won’t be able to see the pups until your dog reaches 6-7 weeks.

Most vets will not even recommend performing x-rays until your dog is close to giving birth.

Can A Vet Palpate Puppies At Week 3?

Most vets can begin to palate growing puppies in the uterus once they reach the size of a grape, so they may be able to feel them at 3 weeks.

Though this is much more likely once your dog reaches 4 weeks of pregnancy, it is still possible.

If you think your dog may be pregnant, your vet can certainly attempt to palate their abdomen at this point.

Can I Hormone Test My Pregnant Dog At Week 3?

While ultrasound detection and vet palpation could be possible at this point, hormone testing is not yet an option.

A dog’s pregnancy hormones will not be high enough to detect until they reach 30 days of gestation, so most vets will not suggest performing this test just yet.

How Do I Care For My Dog That Is 3 Weeks Pregnant?

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the health of a pregnant mom and her growing puppies.

You will often notice an increase in appetite during week 3, so it’s important to listen to this symptom and cater to it.

Up until dogs reach 40 days of gestation, you should essentially treat them as if they are a growing puppy once again.

While you should still feed them their normal diet at this point, you can increase their daily food intake slightly, as well as offering them frequent feedings throughout the day.

You don’t want your dog to lose any weight during this period, so a food increase is essential in preventing this.

Most dogs will do just fine with an increase of ½ a cup to 1 cup each day, but we always suggest speaking with your vet about it first.

Final Thoughts On Week 3 Of A Dog’s Pregnancy

A dog that is 3 weeks along in their pregnancy may finally begin to display symptoms that the average pet owner can detect.

If you notice these signs, be sure to start offering more food and allow your pregnant pup to rest more.

Be sure to establish a relationship with a veterinarian if you have not yet, and begin to implement additional nutritional support.

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