Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 1

If you think you may have a pregnant canine friend in your home, you are likely looking for any sign of pregnancy as the days go by.

Whether you have purposely bred your dog or there was an accidental mating, it’s important to be on the lookout for any sign of growing puppies.

Many owners want an answer to this question as soon as possible, causing them to wonder if there are any pregnancy symptoms at week 1, (1-7 days of pregnancy).

To help you better understand your potentially pregnant pup, let’s discuss the details below.

(When referring to a dog that is 1 week pregnant, this means the dog is 1 week post-breeding.)

Week 1 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will I Know That My Dog Is Pregnant Yet During The First Week?

It’s very unlikely that you will be aware of your dog’s pregnancy when they are 1 week along.

Just as rare as it is for humans to catch a pregnancy in this early stage, it is just as unlikely for our pups.

There are no diagnostic options that can accurately diagnose a canine pregnancy at week 1, so you will have to wait a bit longer to determine whether or not your dog is pregnant.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 1 (1-7 Days)

We know just how much you want to spot any sign of pregnancy in your dog, but there will not be many visible symptoms at week 1, if any.

Your female dog’s egg would have just been fertilized at this point, so there will be no obvious physical or behavioral changes to note.

However, some dogs have experienced nausea and vomiting during fertilization and implantation, so your pup may experience mild nausea.

Can I Ultrasound My Pregnant Dog At Week 1?

Though ultrasound is typically the best diagnostic option for detecting early gestation in dogs, 1 week is a bit too early.

Even the best ultrasound cannot detect a canine pregnancy until the embryos are 3 weeks along, so you will not yet be able to view your dog’s growing puppies.

Can The Vet Feel Growing Puppies At Week 1?

Most growing puppies cannot be felt by the veterinarian until they have reached the size of a grape.

Due to the fact that fertilization would have just occurred, the growing embryos will not yet be big enough to feel in the abdomen.

If your vet were to attempt to feel the growing puppies at this point, they would simply feel fat and intestines.

Can I Give My Dog A Hormone Test At Week 1?

While you certainly can perform an in-office hormone test on your dog, it will not be accurate until they have reached the 30 day mark of their gestation period.

It takes time for these hormones to build in a dog’s system, so it is very unlikely to catch your dog’s pregnancy at week 1 with this method.

Final Thoughts On Dog Pregnancy Symptoms Of Week 1

As you can see, you will not likely be aware of your dog’s pregnancy at week 1.

You can also view our dog pregnancy calculator to determine when your pup will be due to deliver.

Most dogs will not have any pregnancy symptoms just yet, but they will kick in within the next couple weeks!

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