Dog Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 6

Once your dog has reached 6 weeks of pregnancy (36-42 days), you are likely to see a noticeable belly and a pregnant waddle.

Their puppies are growing quite rapidly at this point, and their birth is just a couple weeks around the corner.

To help you better understand what your dog is going through in week 6, let’s discuss some of the most common pregnancy symptoms they may experience below.

We will also discuss the available diagnostic tools, feeding requirements, and more!

Week 6 Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Will My Dog Look Pregnant At Week 6?

Once week 6 comes around in your dog’s pregnancy, there will be no doubt that your furry friend has babies in tow.

Their belly will be noticeably round at this point, and it may even appear tight or rigid.

Their nipples will also be enlarged at this point so there will be no mystery about your dog’s pregnancy status.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 6 (Days 36-42)

A dog that has reached 6 weeks gestation has typically gained a fair amount of weight.

Their stomach will be noticeably round, it may be rigid to the touch, and their nipples will typically be darker and enlarged.

You may even see noticeable veins appearing around their mammary glands as their body prepares for nursing.

In addition to the significant growth of their stomach, you may notice that your once hungry pup will begin to return to their pre-pregnancy appetite.

They may still be drinking more water than usual, but they may not be rushing to their food bowl as they were earlier in their pregnancy.

Behavioral Changes In A Pregnant Dog At Week 6

Due to the amount of energy it takes to grow their puppies at this stage, many pups will be more tired than ever at the 6 week mark.

The 6-8 week mark of canine pregnancy requires the greatest amount of energy storage, so this means your pup will likely be napping at every chance they get.

Not only will they be tired as a result of the energy it takes to grow their puppies, but the extra weight on their stomach can make it more challenging to get around.

Due to these factors, you should expect to see your pup napping multiple times throughout the day.

Many pups will still be experiencing increased thirst, so you can expect them to request multiple potty breaks throughout the day.

We suggest making sure your pup can go outside each morning when they wake up, after breakfast, after any naps, and before they go to bed at night.

How To Know If My Dog Is Pregnant At Week 6

Though your pup’s pregnant belly is typically obvious at this point, it is never a bad idea to simply confirm their pregnancy, as well as make sure their growing puppies appear healthy.

An abdominal ultrasound is the best option for a dog that is 6 weeks along, as this can confirm the pregnancy and search for the heartbeat of each pup.

Your vet can also palpate your dog’s abdomen at this point to confirm their pregnancy, but the puppies have likely gotten big enough that it can be challenging to differentiate the structures they feel.

Due to this, we believe an ultrasound is the best option at this point.

The bones of the growing puppies will just start to mineralize at the 45 day mark, so we suggest waiting one more week before performing any x-rays.

Most vets will typically suggest waiting 1 week before their estimated delivery date to have the best x-ray results.

How Much Longer Will My Dog Be Pregnant At Week 6?

The standard canine pregnancy is anywhere from 58-68 days, but most pups typically give birth around the 62 day mark.

This means that most dogs will be pregnant for about 9 weeks, so your pup is likely just a few weeks away from their delivery.

Giving Your Pregnant Dog Puppy Food At Week 6

As we mentioned above, your once starving pup may experience a decrease in their ravenous appetite.

This is why it is so important to make the switch from their standard adult food to an approved puppy diet, as they will require more calories than ever to keep up with their energy needs.

Puppy food is higher in calories than standard adult food, so this will allow your pup to receive adequate nutrition even if their appetite decreases.

Week 6 to 8 of pregnancy is where the growing puppies will experience their most rapid period of development.

This means that not only will your dog require a puppy formula to keep up with their nutritional needs, but there will be less room in their abdomen for big meals.

It will be uncomfortable for the mother to have a full stomach at this point, so you will need to break their feeding amounts into multiple small meals throughout the day.

This can vary based on how much your pup can comfortably eat in one sitting, as long as they are hitting their recommended daily food intake.

Due to the fact that every dog and every pregnancy is different, we suggest speaking with your vet about the best puppy diet and feeding amounts for your dog.

Just be sure to avoid any puppy food for large breed dogs, as these do not have the right calcium phosphorus balance that pregnant dogs require.

Final Thoughts On Week 6 Of Your Dog’s Pregnancy

The puppies are growing faster than ever at this point, so your pregnant dog will require extra support during this time.

Be sure to not only switch your pregnant pup to a puppy diet at this point, but to also schedule your dog’s abdominal x-ray for week 7 or 8.

It’s worth noting that an x-ray is not required during your dog’s pregnancy.

Your veterinarian may suggest an x-ray if your dog has complications, is a smaller breed, is a large breed or maybe for health reasons.

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