Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

If you are lucky enough to have a canine companion in your life, you likely have a furry shadow following you around at all times.

Not only does it seem like our pups are never far behind, but their eyes seem to be glued to us as well.

No matter where you go or what you are up to, you will find yourself locking eyes with your dog often.

So why do dogs stare at us all the time anyways?

In this article we will answer the question of why your furry friend is always staring at you, and help you better understand this canine behavior going forward.

Understanding Canine Body Language

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Body language plays a key role in canine communication.

Though many assume our dogs rely on their bark to communication with others, most of their communication is done through non-verbal movements.

Body language refers to any movements or gestures that suggest a dog’s intent, ranging from the position of their tail to the gaze in their eye.

With eyes having their own role in canine communication, you can begin to understand why multiple factors can be behind the canine stare.

Why Does My Dog Keep Staring At Me?

Many of us will lock eyes with our pup multiple times a day, leading us to wonder the possible cause of their frequent staring.

Ranging from looks of love to the need for attention, a dog’s gaze is often their way of relaying a message.

To help you better understand your pup’s stare, let’s get into some of the most common factors behind this behavior below.

They Want Our Attention

Have you ever attempted to lock eyes with someone across the room when you want to get their attention?

Our canine friends can do this as well.

Sometimes our pups will stare in effort to let us know they want our eyes on them, whether it is for a quick belly rub or for a trip outside to go potty.

Many dogs will even step it up a notch with a subtle whine or a paw thrown at our legs.

They Are Trying To Understand Us

Our canine companions want to be as connected to us as possible.

Gazing our way can help our pups better understand our body language and daily behaviors, allowing them to feel closer to us at the end of the day.

If you ever catch your pup gazing at you across the room, they may just be trying to connect.

They Want To Keep Up With Our Movements

As we mentioned above, many of our pups act as a shadow as they follow us around our home.

Keeping an eye on us can be their way of tracking our movements, as they want to make sure they are at our side through every adventure.

If your clingy pup always has their eye on you, it may be their way of ensuring they don’t miss a thing.

They Are Trying To Tell Us Something

If your pup can’t seem to keep their eyes off you, it’s very possible that they are trying to communicate a certain need.

Some dogs will not resort to whining or barking when they need something from us, causing them to simply stare at us until they get their way.

A staring pup could be trying to tell you:

  • That they are hungry
  • They need to go outside
  • That something in your home is upsetting them

They Love Us

There is nothing better than a loving gaze from our beloved pups.

We are our dog’s entire world, and a focused stare our way can be their way of expressing that.

A trusting dog will often stare into their owner’s eyes comfortably, as this proves just how comfortable they feel in your presence.

The next time you notice your pup gazing your way as you relax on the couch, just know this is their way of expressing their love.

They Are Asserting Dominance

Though a loving gaze can be a sign of trust in their owner, an aggressive stare in your direction can also be a dog’s way of asserting dominance.

Direct eye contact with a potential predator is a dog’s way of saying “I’m not backing down”, often paired with a rigid stance and a deep growl.

This stare will often be wide eyed and intense, refusing to budge until the person on the receiving end backs down.

If you think your dog is locking eyes with you in an effort to assert dominance, be sure to observe their body language for other signs of aggressive behavior.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me While Lying Down?

Have you noticed your pup gazing into your eyes each time they rest?

Maybe they hold their stare until they finally close their eyes, allowing them to stare at you until the moment they fall asleep.

If this happens often, this may represent your dog’s trust in you as they drift into dream world.

The act of sleeping can be a vulnerable time for some pups, as they are susceptible to potential predators in the world around them.

Staring into their owner’s eyes can help them feel safe and secure as they drift off, allowing them to rest peacefully without a care.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When They Poop?

Not only can dogs feel vulnerable as they fall asleep, but they can also feel exposed when doing their business.

Wild dogs would often guard members of their pack during potty breaks, as they are often distracted from any oncoming predators during this time.

The need to feel protected when they go potty has been ingrained into our dog’s DNA, causing them to look to us for support in these moments.

Locking eyes with an owner when they pass stool is just your dog’s way of feeling safe.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Whine?

Unfortunately, we do not speak the same language as our canine friends.

Due to this, our pups will often rely on barking or whining to communicate their needs.

Many pups will lock eyes with us as they whine, proving just how urgent their current request is.

This is a common attention seeking behavior in dogs, so this often warrants an investigation into what our pups could be asking for.

Why Is My Dog Always Looking At Me?

Do you have a dog that can’t seem to take their eyes off you?

No matter what you do and when you do it, your pup is never far behind? If this is the case, you may just have a clingy pup on your hands.

Some dogs watch their fur parents’ every move in effort to keep up with their daily habits, allowing them to tag along each step of the way.

As long as your dog’s constant staring does not come along with signs of separation anxiety or other behavioral issues, there is nothing wrong with an admiring pup.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you can typically get to the bottom of your dog’s sudden need to lock eyes.

Be sure to review the possible factors behind your staring pup above, and you can better understand your dog the next time they initiate a staring contest.

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