Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Your dog licking your feet might be a little bit funny, but it also can be an annoying and confusing habit.

If you would rather stop this behavior, understanding why they do it can be very helpful.

Here are some of the reasons why your dog may be licking your feet and some tips to stop it.

To Gather Information

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet

You probably don’t think about your feet as a source of data, but your dog does.

Your feet are constantly producing information that your dog sees as being important.

Your feet release pheromones and other information that your dog can detect.

When your dog licks your feet, they can gain information about your stress level, mood, and much more.

Your dog licks your feet often because your pheromones are constantly changing so your dog is always getting new information when they lick your feet.


Your dog may lick your feet because they are trying to get your attention.

You probably give your dog attention very quickly when they lick your feet, especially if you are ticklish.

Even if the attention that you give your dog isn’t particularly positive, it is still attention.

Many dogs will continue to seek out attention even if what they get isn’t positive attention.

Because licking your feet can so reliably get your attention, it can be hard to get your dog to break the habit.

Getting Salt

Salt is an essential nutrient for your dog, and most dogs will take the opportunity to lick salt whenever they get a chance.

If your dog has been panting a lot in hot weather, they may be even more likely to want to lick salt.

When your feet sweat, you release a lot of salt, which your dog may enjoy licking.

Your dog may constantly lick your legs and feet to get the salt that gathers on them when you sweat.


Dogs lick as a sign of affection and love.

Your dog may lick your toes to let you know that they love you.

For some dogs, the feet are the most convenient exposed skin that they can access.

You may keep your dog from licking your hands, but have trouble keeping your dog from licking your feet.

Therefore, your dog may learn that the best chance they have to lick you and show how much they love you is to lick your feet.


Your dog may begin licking your foot for any of the above reasons, but as time goes on and they keep licking your feet, it can become a habit.

You may suddenly find that your dog is obsessed with your feet.

If your dog keeps licking your feet more as time goes on, it may be because they have formed a habit.

Ideas for Stopping Your Dog From Licking Your Feet

Regardless of why your dog licks your feet all the time, you may prefer that they stop.

A dog licking your feet can get very annoying, particularly if you are ticklish.

It can also be embarrassing to be constantly kicking your dog away from your feet, especially if your guests have to do the same.

Here are some ideas to keep your dog from licking your feet all the time:

  • Positive reinforcement – Encourage your dog to lick something besides your feet. You can offer a toy smeared with peanut butter, a lick mat, or something else and reward your dog for licking the toy instead of you.
  • Use a deterrent spray or cream – There are lots of products on the market that taste bad to dogs. Bitter apple is a great option. These products are safe for your skin and for your dog to lick. By rubbing them on your feet, you can keep your dog from licking.

Understand Why Your Dog Likes To Lick Your Feet

Having your dog lick your feet all the time can be annoying.

There are lots of reasons why your dog may be licking your feet, but you will be glad to know that no matter why they are doing it, there are things that you can do to stop it.

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