Should You Wait or Should You Go?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is:

“Should I take my dog to our vet or just wait and see what happens?”

Most people who ask this question do because of money reasons. Just like humans who visit the ER, pets who visit an animal hospital will incur some type of ‘large’ bill. Depending on what is going on with your pet will determine the cost of that visit.

Should You Wait or Should You go to The Emergency Vet?

Emergency VetIt is always best to error on the side of caution. You can ask any veterinarian today what they think and many will tell you about the cases where the pet was seen too late. Had the owner brought their beloved pet in earlier they could have been saved. In most cases a simple ER visit may cost about $300 or less. Only extreme cases, overnight stays, medications will cause that bill to increase greatly.

  • Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:
  • Has your pet been acting sick for a few days and not getting better?
  • Are they eating and drinking?
  • Have they had a bowel movement in the last 24 hours?
  • Has there been any bleeding?
  • What is the age of your pet?

Some of the answers to these questions will help you determine if you should take your pet to the nearest emergency vet or if you can wait it out at home. In all cases if you have doubts you can always give your local vet a call. You don’t have to call an emergency veterinarian to get an answer. Your local vet who has seen your pet should be able to give you better advise and guidance because they will know your pet better than anyone else.

Signs That Your Pet Needs To See An ER Vet Now

There are signs that your pet needs to be seen by an er vet as soon as possible, which include:

  • Heavy breathing/trouble breathing
  • Has not had food or water in the past 24-36 hours.
  • Blood passing through the bowels.

You as the pet owner will know your pet and how they normally behave. These signs can help you determine what to do. For example if your pet is normally bouncing off the walls and running around but now is lethargic and tired, there could be an underlying problem brewing.

Give your local vet a call or find an emergency vet near you.

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