Pet Cremation Cost

Pet Cremation CostThe loss of a furry friend is a heartbreaking time in pet ownership. Not only can this be a stressful moment in general, but we must then make a sudden decision on what to do with their remains. Having a cremation plan in place can make this moment easier, and can take a bit of the burden off your shoulders.

In this article we will dive into the details of cremation in pets, and help you understand the standard cost to expect for your beloved companion.

What Is Pet Cremation?

Pet cremation is simply a way to remember your pet and keep their remains in your possession in a way of your choosing. The cremation process involves the placement of your pet’s body in a high temperature environment, which results in the vaporization of their remains into a dust form.

Once your pet has been cremated, you can then choose the method in which you would like to receive their remains. Some pet owners choose a memorial urn, jewelry, cedar box, remembrance stones, and more. Pet cremation allows multiple ways to remember your pet in a beautiful way. 

The Different Types of Pet Cremations

When you choose to cremate your beloved pet, you will often choose from a few cremation options. These options will be based on whether or not you would like their ashes returned, as well as pricing based on their overall weight. 

Communal Pet Cremation

Communal pet cremation is the route pet owners take when they do not wish to receive their pets ashes. In a communal pet cremation, there are multiple animals placed in the incinerator. Due to this, it is impossible to separate each pet’s remains after. Though the pet owner will not receive the ashes, many cremation companies spread the ashes themselves in their pet cemetery. 

Individual Pet Cremation

Though not all cremation companies offer this option, you may see an individual pet cremation listed as a service. Individual pet cremation does incinerate multiple pets at once, but does their best to separate each pet during the process. There is still the possibility of getting your pet’s remains back with this option, but it may include small remnants of other pet’s remains as well. If this option is available, it is usually a bit cheaper than the next cremation option on the list. 

Private Pet Cremation

A private pet cremation is for the pet owners that want their pets remains returned to them. This involves the incineration of your pets remains only, and no other pets will be involved in the process. A private cremation ensures that only 1 pet will be in the cremation chamber at a time, meaning there is little to no chance of contamination with other ashes. 

What Factors Affect Pet Cremation Costs?

When determining the differences in pricing for cremation options, there are a few factors to consider. Pet disposal costs will vary based on animal size, cremation choice, and even animal type. To better understand why, let’s dive in below. 

Animal Size

Pet cremation pricing will vary based on your pet’s weight. This is due to the resources needed to put your pet in the cremation chamber, as well as how long the cremation process can take based on body size. Because of this, the cost of cremation will often increase the larger your pet is. 

Animal Type

While this is not always the case, some cremation services will have different pricing systems based on the type of animal that is being cremated. While this is mainly due to changes in weight, it can also be due to their potential exposure to any infectious disease. For example, some crematory services charge different prices for wildlife. While we know it is not as common for someone to own exotic or wildlife pets, it is worth mentioning just in case. 

Cremation Choice

The last factor that will affect your cremation cost is the type of cremation that you choose for your furry friend. Since a private cremation only allows one pet to be in the cremation chamber at a time, this option is always more expensive than a communal cremation. Communal cremation options will usually be the most cost effective option for each pet parent. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Dog?

While each cremation service will vary based on your company of choice, there is an average cost that we can offer for each weight range and cremation option that you choose. To help you have an idea of what to expect, let’s discuss the average cost to cremate a dog. 

Communal Cremation (dog is cremated with other pets)

  • 0-30 lbs: $45-$75
  • 30-50 lbs: $50-$80
  • 51-70 lbs: $50-$100
  • 71-90 lbs: $100-$150
  • 91lbs and over: $150-$200

Private Cremation (dog is cremated alone & ashes are returned)

  • 0-30 lbs: $100-$175
  • 30-50 lbs: $150-$250
  • 51-70 lbs: $200-$300
  • 71-90 lbs: $250-$375
  • 91lbs and over: $350-$450

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Cat?

Since the average cremation service is based on weight range, you won’t often see any change from dog cremations to cat cremations. To ensure that you have an idea of what to expect, we will show you the average costs one more time for a standard cat weight range. 

Communal Cremation (cat is cremated with other pets)

  • 0-30 lbs: $45-$75

Private Cremation (cat is cremated alone & ashes are returned)

  • 0-30 lbs: $100-$175

Where To Get My Dog Cremated?

Now that you have an understanding of the cremation options that will be available to you, it is time to help you choose the best cremation company for your furry friend. Almost every veterinary clinic works with a cremation company, of which they can offer special prices for long term clients. We always suggest checking with your local veterinarian first, but there are ways to research other cremation services in your area. 

The first way to find a cremation service near you is by doing an easy online search. By looking up cremation companies in your area, you can review different package options and find a company that suits you best. Many companies will either allow you to bring your pet into their facility once they have passed, or they will pick up your pet’s body from your vet’s office. 

Another wonderful way to find the best cremation services around you is by talking with your friends and neighbors. Many pet owners have had to experience this loss as well, and can tell you which company they trusted with their pets remains. 

Final Thoughts

Pet cremation is a wonderful way to remember the furry friend that you loved so dearly. Depending on your local and state laws, you may also be able to bury your pet in your backyard.

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