Cat Pregnancy Calculator

Many people use a cat pregnancy calculator in order to determine when their cat will deliver their new kittens.

Overall a cat’s pregnancy length is similar to a dog’s pregnancy length.

A cat’s gestation period ranges between 58 and 67 days on average.

While most cats will be pregnant for 63-65 days, or about 9 weeks. Our feline pregnancy calculator will make it easy for you to know what date range your cat should deliver.

This date range is good to know so that you are more prepared for the labor and delivery of your new kittens.

Keep in mind that this calculator will give you an estimation for delivery and not an actual or exact date.

To make this cat pregnancy calculator work, enter the first date of your cat mating.

Cat Pregnancy Calculator

Find out when your cat is due to deliver her kittens by entering the date of first mating below. This will give you an estimated date of delivery so you can be prepared.

Date of First Mating:

Now click calculate to determine estimated due dates.

Expected Due Dates

Estimate due date:

The estimated due date of your cat's pregnancy is 63 days. This is the average length of gestation in cats. The date above shows an estimation of the earliest and latest dates for delivery. Your dates may vary. Contact your local veterinarian if you have questions.

Since this is just an estimation, if you have questions or concerns you need to contact your local veterinarian.

A physical exam and an x-ray at the right time will help confirm your cat’s actual due date.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

Cat Pregnancy Calculator

Your cat will be pregnant for about 63-65 days on average.

Mark your calendar, in about 9 weeks you will have new kittens! By marking your calendar and knowing how long your cat will be pregnant, that will give you some time to prepare.

You can also follow your cat’s progress with our cat pregnancy calendar to know what happens on a week-by-week basis.

Now that your feline is pregnant you will have to be more proactive with their feeding schedule.

Most people will leave food and water out for their cat. Cats are usually low maintenance pets and will take care of themselves.

Your job with having a pregnant cat is to make sure she is eating well. There will be a time she may want to eat more than what you are used to providing.

This is normal as your pregnant cat is now growing multiple babies inside.

Based on the calculation above, your cat will be delivering within 63-65 days.

Do You Need A Cat Pregnancy Ultrasound?

If you have no idea when your cat got pregnant then you might want to get an ultrasound.

The costs of an ultrasound usually ranges between $300-$500, the price you pay will be determined by your vet, their availability and where you live.

If you cannot afford one your local vet can still offer an exam and give you their best guess of when your pregnant cat may deliver.

At your vet visit you can also ask questions like “do I need to help my cat with delivery”, or “do I need an ultrasound?”

In most cases you do not need an ultrasound, even if you have no idea when your cat got pregnant.

How You Can Estimate Your Cat’s Due Date

Unlike dogs, cats are hard to keep track. They come and go as they please and might be gone overnight or even a few days at a time.

You might not even know when your cat got pregnant but if you start to see the signs that she might be pregnant, mark that on a calendar.

If you can remember around the time your cat disappeared for a few days or was acting ‘strange’ or overly affectionate, that can help you determine her due date.

During that time she probably got pregnant. Put that date into the cat pregnancy calculator above to get an idea when she might be due.

This will help you estimate her due date and to help you prepare for delivery.

If you have doubts about the estimated delivery date, we suggest that you consult your local veterinarian.

They will be your biggest resource, have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through this process.

Preparing For Your Cat’s Delivery Date

Cats are very low maintenance, you probably won’t need to do much of anything during the delivery.

Their natural instincts will kick in and they will find a quiet place to have their babies. This does not mean you should not be prepared.

Being prepared can be the different between life and death of your cat and her kittens.

Most cats will delivery without issues or without the need of assistance. In fact, if you try to assist your cat, she may move from her birthing area and find a new quiet spot.

If she has already delivered a few of her kittens those kitten will most likely not survive.

Your job is to provide food, water and a clean (quiet) area for your cat to deliver her kittens.

When the time comes, watch for these signs:

Stops Eating

Your cat will stop eating when she is about 24 hours from giving birth. Her temperature may also drop below 100 degrees F at this time.


Your cat is in labor. She will most likely stay around the area where she will give birth.

She might start scratching the area. If this is her first litter of kittens she could be in labor for up to 36 hours.

Your Cat’s Pregnancy Length Explained

It can be confusing to see a wide range of due dates. Just like dogs, the actual delivery date is just an estimation.

Your cat’s pregnancy length will still range between 58 days and up to 67 days.

It is not uncommon for your cat to go to 70 days, just remember that the date you provide for the calculator might not be the exact date your cat got pregnant.

If you are worried or have concerns, never hesitate on contacting your local veterinarian.

Let them know when you believe your cat got pregnant.

Based on that information they will either have you stay home and monitor your cat or you might need to make a trip to have your cat examined.

It is impossible to answer specific questions regarding your specific cat, which is why you will need to contact your local vet so they can see your cat in-person.

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