Your Dog Can Eat Bananas

Yes, feeding your dog bananas, in moderation, is perfectly acceptable.

This low-calorie treat can be a great snack for our canine friends, as they are jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Bananas are full of biotin, copper, fiber, potassium, and multiple vitamins that can help our furry friends thrive.

To help you better understand this potential canine snack, let’s dive into the details below.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

Can My Dog Have A Banana

Absolutely! With vitamins B6 and C, fiber, magnesium, and potassium, many veterinarians recommend this delicious, yellow fruit for a healthy alternative snack to other fatty treats.

With being a relatively bland snack option, this fruit can be easy on pups of all kinds.

Bananas can aid in proper digestion, promote overall skin health, and even support cardiovascular health going forward.

Bananas have so much to offer our furry friends, which is why it is on the list of safe fruit options for the beloved pups in our life.

As long as you offer this snack in moderation, your dog can soak in the many benefits.

Are Banana Peels Safe For Dogs?

While they are safe in the manner of not being toxic, your dog may have trouble digesting them, as the banana peel is tough to break down.

This can lead to an intestinal blockage if the peel is unable to pass, causing a slew of potential complications to follow.

While the banana itself is safe, we suggest avoiding the peel when possible.

How Should Bananas Be Served To Your Dog?

You can give your dog pieces of bananas as you eat them. This is a tasty snack for both of you, but you can make an even tastier snack for your fury friend with one of these suggestions:

  • Mash a banana up with their food.
  • Mash a banana up and mix it with a little homemade or unsalted peanut butter from a jar.
  • Stuff it into a hollow chew toy and freeze it.
  • Freeze a whole banana, then peel it and slice it for treats.

Overall, bananas make for a great occasional treat when given in moderation. As long as bananas are not a staple in your dog’s diet, they can make for the perfect reward after a long day.

Allergic reactions are potential with any food, so if you notice anything like breathing difficulty, coughing, hives, sneezing, or other allergic-type symptoms, stop whatever you are feeding your dog and call your vet immediately.

What Is the Best Way To Feed Your Dog Bananas?

Dog Eating A Banana
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Before offering your pup bananas, we always suggest speaking with your veterinarian about whether or not they approve this fruit for your dog.

Like humans, some dogs have specific dietary needs for specific health issues and weight concerns.

Once you have the all clear from your vet, a few of our favorite serving options include:

  • Freeze a whole banana, peel it, slice it and give your pup a frozen treat on a sultry summer day.
  • Mashed up and mixed with their daily food will be a pleasant treat from the routine meal.
  • As mentioned earlier, smashed and stuff a toy is always enjoyable for dogs. It stimulates them mentally and gives them some physical exercise while reducing their boredom.
  • Adding bananas to any homemade treat recipe that you find online is always a winner. Bananas mix well with unsalted peanut butter or yogurt.

Last Thoughts

Feeding your dog bananas while you’re enjoying one is a great bonding moment. Keep it in moderation, don’t feed them the skin, and make memories for you and your fury friend.

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