Are Majesty Palms Toxic To Cats?

Majesty palms are a stunning plant that have made their way into homes around the world.

With its striking appearance and general ease of caring for, many plant lovers want to showcase this tree in their home.

While cat owners have to cross quite a few plants off their list due to toxic potential, Majesty Palms are not one of them!

Though Majesty palms are not considered poisonous to cats, there are still some safety tips you should be aware of.

Are Majesty Palms Bad or Toxic To Cats

What Is A Majesty Palm?

A Majesty Palm, or Ravenea rivularis, is an indoor plant that is known for its beauty.

This indoor tree has large green fonds that fan out with ease, and multiple thick stems that root at the bottom.

These trees can grow to an impressive 90 feet, even when they are in an artificial setting.

It’s no wonder this house plant is so popular among plant lovers.

Are Majesty Palms Toxic To Cats?

No, Majesty Palms are not toxic to cats.

There are no toxic substances within or on the leaves of the tree, so there is no way for your cat to be poisoned by this plant.

Your cat can safely nibble on the plant, rub against the plant, and anything else they choose to do!

If you catch your cat spending time around your Majesty palm, there is no reason to be concerned.

Can Cats Eat Majesty Palms Safely?

Yes, cats can nibble on Majesty Palms without any toxic consequences.

Cats have been known to eat these trees down to their stumps, which is impressive knowing just how large these trees can become.

However, it’s important to note that while the Majesty Palm is not poisonous, our cats can still get an upset stomach from eating a large amount of plant material.

If your cat that is constantly munching on your plant has an upset stomach often, this could be why.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Majesty Palm?

If you can’t seem to keep your cat away from your Majesty Palm, you may be wondering what is so enticing about this plant.

While the indoor tree is certainly special in its own way, it is not likely the Majesty Palm itself that is drawing your cat in.

Cats simply love plants.

Most experts believe that cats enjoy the crunchy fiber that chewing on plants offers.

As long as the plant is not bitter, these leaves may serve as a yummy snack.

Though snacking on leaves is safe with Majesty Palms, this is not the case for many indoor plants, such as the Bird Of Paradise Plant.

If your cat loves to munch on plants, make sure you only have cat friendly plants in your home.

Symptoms Of GI Upset From Majesty Palms

If your cat is constantly snacking on your Majesty Palm, they can still develop GI upset from consuming large amounts of plant material.

Some of the most common symptoms of GI upset in cats include:

  • Drooling
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Anorexia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargy

If you notice any of these symptoms in your feline friend, we suggest having them seen by your veterinarian.

Even mild GI upset can be uncomfortable for your cat, so it’s always best to have them checked out by a vet from the moment their symptoms develop.

Just be sure to mention their plant consumption to your vet, along with the plants that are present in your home.

When To See The Vet

Your Majesty Palm may not be toxic to cats, but GI upset should still be taken seriously if it occurs.

Both diarrhea and vomiting can quickly lead to dehydration in cats, especially if they are not eating and drinking as usual.

If you are not yet ready to have your cat seen by a vet, we suggest at least giving your vet a call to inform them of your cat’s symptoms.

They can help you determine what is best for your cat based on their symptoms.

Treating GI Upset From Majesty Palms

If your cat has developed a case of GI upset from eating plants, it should be fairly easy to treat with guidance from your veterinarian.

Many of these cats will only require conservative treatment that is offered on an outpatient basis, and should return to their normal selves within a few days.

Just be sure to keep your cat away from the plant while they heal, and to limit their access to your Majesty Palm in the future.

Final Thoughts

Majesty Palms are a wonderful indoor plant for cat owners everywhere.

Make sure you know what type of Palm plant/tree you have because there are some palms that are toxic like the Sago Palm.

If you are looking for a cat-friendly plant that will stand out in your home, look no further than the Majesty Palm.

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